Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sitecore Web Forms for Marketers Save Actions: The action does not exist

Environment - Sitecore 8.0 rev. 150621

Sitecore Web Forms for Marketers Save Actions are used to provide functionalities which need to perform when a certain form is getting submitted.

When dealing with the save actions on Sitecore 8 there is an issue with the graphical interface on save action management. Therefore some save action which removed from the form can be still exist in the save actions raw values.
You can find this by checking on the Sitecore log files. If there is a such issue, in the Sitecore logs you can find a error similar bellow.

6092 05:46:44 WARN  Web Forms for Marketers : The '{D866FC78-08F5-4AAA-975C-26E991B1D881}' action does not exist

Follow these steps to find this save action exists.

1. Go to your Sitecore instance and go to Web Forms for Marketers, go to the form which throwing the error and turn on the 'Raw values' from the 'view' tab

2. Copy the value (xml) of the 'Save Actions' field of the 'Submit' section to a notepad.

3. Copy the Sitecore item. (according to the log message the item is - {D866FC78-08F5-4AAA-975C-26E991B1D881})

4. Find the copied Sitecore item on the notepad.
    If the item is found on the notepad you have to remove it from that xml.

    Remove unwanted save action from xml.

    4.1. Create a new form.
    4.2. Add the other save actions on your form to the newly created form.
    4.3. Copy the value (xml) of the 'Save Actions' field of the 'Submit' section of the newly created form.
    4.4. Paste it to the 'Save Actions' field of the 'Submit' section form that throwing errors.
    4.5. Do the required changes to the save actions.

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