Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sitecore EXM Message creation links are not responding

Sitecore version: 8.0 rev 150621
EXM version: 3.0 rev 150429

When I'm working with a Sitecore EXM module I experienced the email creation links are not working in the EXM. The links in the below image.

The reason for happening this is, some values and items required to EXM has been removed from the Core database.

1. To solve this problem, setup a vanilla installation of Sitecore using the SIM (Sitecore Instance Manager) tool. Read more about SIM from here.
2. Go to the instance's (website's) sitecore.
3. Change to Core database using the Sitecore Desktop.

4. Go to Content Editor --> Client --> Applications --> ECM --> Dialog Renderings 
Here is the place you can find the controls for dialog boxes links in the Sitecore EXM.

Find the following renderings:
a. OneTimeMessageRenderings
b. SubscriptionMessageRenderings
c. TriggeredMessageRenderings

5. Select each of them and do the following steps.

5.1. Go to 'Layout' section in the renderings item.

5.2. Go to View in the Sitecore ribbon and check 'Standard Fields' and 'Raw Values'.

5.3. The problem is with the 'Rendering' field.
Copy the 'Rendering' field value from your newly created Sitecore vanilla instance to this.

5.4. Do this for b and c also.

5.5. Save the changes.
When try to save there will be a warning message coming saying "The item "TriggeredMessageRenderings" contains broken links in these fields: - Renderings: "static" Do you want to save anyway?"

Ignore this message and click ok.

5.6. Go to EXM and test the links now. It should work.

The reason I assume for this problem is, I have remove the broken links in the Sitecore Core database using the removebrokenlinks.aspx which is provided by the Sitecore.
As you can see in the message, there are some broken links with these items.
So when I try to remove the broken links in the Core database using removebrokenlinks.aspx it removed these rendering values also.
So be careful when using the removebrokenlinks.aspx against the Core database.

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