Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sitecore 8: Sending reminder mails without knowing

Environment: Sitecore 8.o rev 150621

When I setup new instance on one of our production environment, I have experienced the following message on Sitecore log files.

ManagedPoolThread #14 11:24:06 INFO Executing email reminder task
ManagedPoolThread #14 11:24:06 INFO Parameters: <r><to></to><txt>Demo reminder</txt></r>
ManagedPoolThread #14 11:24:06 INFO Sending reminder mail (to: '', from: '', subject: 'Reminder from Sitecore')
ManagedPoolThread #14 11:24:06 INFO Using mail server: ''

When this message logged to the Sitecore logs it says there are some unwanted reminder mails are sent to the Sitecore content authors. 
The reminder emails sending are not expected by the content authors and they are usually outdated.

We have raised a Sitecore support ticket and their suggestion is to manually change the values which responsible for this in the database.

To change the values within the Sitecore database: 

1. Login to your website SQL Server.

2. Go to the website's Sitecore core database.
3. Select * From Tasks
4. Check the resulting table's 'Pending' column.
5. Check if there are any 1 's (Which means reminders are sending)
6. Change required values to '0' using the bellow query.
    Update [Tasks] Set Pending = 0; (This will make all the values to 0, so use whatever the where clauses you want and run the query.)

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