Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sitecore 8: Unable to add Enroll in Engagement plan save action to a Sitecore WFFM form

Environment: Sitecore 8.0 rev 150621

Whn I was working on Sitecore WFFM (Web Forms For Marketers) forms and save actions I got the following issue.
When I try to add Enroll in Engagement plan save action I got a Sitecore error saying "This action cannot be added. Your configuration does not support it."

This is happening because of 'Disable Analytics for this Page' setting in the Sitecore WFFM.
You can check this setting on the Advanced section in your WFFM form Content.

You can disable this setting by clicking on the 'Attributes' link.
Then go to the Settings section. Remove the check on 'Disable analytics for this page' check box.

Try to add the 'Enroll in Engagement Plan' save action. It will be added to the form save action list without getting the above error message.

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you for your post. However this does not solve my problem. Apparently the same error message is thrown for various errors. Haven't found mine yet :)